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Grainger Museum Archive


The Grainger Museum archive contains approximately 50,000 items of correspondence. Grainger preserved extensive correspondence between himself and the following:
Edvard Grieg, Fredrick Delius, Cyril Scott, Balfour Gardiner; Roger Quilter; Dom Anselm Hughes, Arnold Dolmetsch, Herman and Alfhild Sandby, Amy Black, Henry Cowell, Lewis Slavit, Ernest Thesiger, Adolph de Meyer, Margot Harrison, Karen Holten, Elsie Bristow.

The archive also holds the Ella Grainger collection of correspondence, and letters collected by Rose Grainger.

Business Records and Personal Papers

Grainger's banking and account records, taxation records, insurance, investments, royalties, performing and recording contracts and private bills are held by the Museum.
Personal papers include birth and death certificates, Percy Grainger's autopsy report, will, naturalisation papers, medical records, shopping lists and dietary lists.

Concert Programs

An almost complete set of concert programs from 1894 - 1960 record Grainger's performing career.

Graphic Designs/ Typography

Percy Grainger designed many of the covers for his published music. This collection includes numerous sketches, finished artworks, printers' proofs, colour tests and examples of calligraphy.

Music Manuscripts and Published Musical Editions

The Museum's holdings of compositions and arrangements by Grainger are comprehensively listed in two catalogues written by Dr Kay Dreyfus and published by the Grainger Museum.

Grainger's extensive collection of published music by other composers is listed in a catalogue written by Phil Clifford and published by the Grainger Museum in 1983.

All three catalogues are available for purchase through the Grainger Museum.

Henry Cowell, (b. 1897 d. 1965), American Composer of over one thousand works including twenty symphonies. In 1938 he was sentenced to 15 years gaol for a 'morals charge' and Percy Grainger pushed for his release. Cowell was paroled to Percy Grainger's care as early as 1940 and was employed by Percy Grainger at his home in White Plains, undertaking various cataloguing tasks on the materials being sent to the Grainger Museum.
Roger Quilter (1877-1953). English Composer of the ‘Frankfurt Group’. Studied with Grainger’s composition teacher Iwan Knorr in Frankfurt. Best known for his composition of vocal works.